Mirror Polished Excellence
An imposing and ultra modern side post parasol whose natural habitat is on the French and Italian Rivieras. This spectacular Marine grade Stainless steel parasol is the prince of the luxury motor yachting world. Superior strength and ultra-chic comes courtesy of polished or satin finished stainless steel and the multi vented canopy allows maximum air flow. A double umbrella version is also available. A crank handle winch is used to open and close the canopy.

Mast diameter: 60mm

Taking this model to the extremes of excellence, The Elite version is hand crafted to a mirror polished finish with every detail honed to perfection. This version is ideal for a discerning buyer requiring nothing less than sheer shade perfection. Why is this called Elite? The mast is mirror polished and precision engineered components are used. In addition, the crank handle is enclosed and the cable is internal, not external. And the boom has an adjustment feature for leveling the canopy. Finally, the larger sizes have a 90mm mast diameter. MADE IN ENGLAND.

European solution-dyed acrylics are used for the membranes, with a choice of around 40 colours.

Mast diameter: 60mm to 90mm