Nautica C

Exclusive to Morton Parasols, this is the new leader in marine small centre mast parasols, MADE IN ENGLAND
This mirror polished marine grade stainless steel parasol with aluminium spokes, elevates small parasols into a new era. Artisan design and engineering, careful workmanship, precision made components and the very best materials bring this exclusive parasol to grace the deck of any yacht. “Luxury is a Lifestyle” is personified by this wonderful creation.
All hardware is made of marine grade stainless steel or aluminium. Air vent for the escape of updraft breeze. A precision made push pin hub ensures smooth operation. A precision made pivot mount for a strong strut to spoke joint. Aluminium webbed extrusion for the spokes, for maximum strength. A rope pulley with jam cleat is employed to open and close the canopy.

NEW FOR 2017
Now available with a multi air vent canopy – sheer excellence!

European solution-dyed acrylic fabrics are used for the membranes, with a choice of around 40 colours.

Mast diameter: 50mm